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Steve Bledsoe Reptile Replicas 

Life-size museum quality reptile and amphibian replicas by Steve Bledsoe

Steve Bledsoe Replicas are ideal for museum and nature center wildlife dioramas as well as educational tools for teachers, park rangers and docents. Each piece is an individual work of art, crafted to replicate desired species, subspecies and color morphs. Dozens of different reptile and amphibian species can be created.

Steve Bledsoe & California Kingsnake

Steve Bledsoe is an avocational herpetologist, educator and artist from Southern California. He has studied native North American herpetology from an early age, and has been creating replicas and educating public and private audiences on the subject of native reptiles and amphibians since 2010. He is a USGS Volunteer, board member of the Southwestern Center for Herpetological Research and the founder of the Southwestern Field Herping Association.  Email:

Steve's replica artwork is on display or used as interpretive tools in a number of museums and parks around the country including the Chiricahua Desert Museum, the Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary, the Calaveras Big Trees State Park,                   Crystal Cove State Park, and the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park.



"They look real!'" That’s the most frequent comment I hear about Steve Bledsoe’s lifelike snake designs. In fact, I thought the same thing when I first viewed Steve’s creations and so I commissioned him to replicate the “Snakes of Crystal Cove.” These faux snakes are an effective educational tool that we use for school programs, public events, and when we staff information tables.  The snake replicas provide an opportunity for park staff and volunteers to engage visitors and share fun facts, reptile nuggets, and dispel myths about these often feared animals.


Winter Bonin

State Park Interpreter II

Crystal Cove State Park

Orange County, CA





The reptile replicas are so realistic that visitors who enter our Nature Center spend the first few moments trying to decide if the snakes are real! The replicas are very useful for helping visitors understand how to tell the difference between venomous and non-venomous snakes…and to recognize local snakes.


Laura Cohen 

Resource Specialist

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park

Orange County, CA

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