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Atrox Reptile Replicas
Life-size museum quality replicas by Steve Bledsoe  

Steve Bledsoe Reptile Replicas 

Life-size museum quality reptile and amphibian replicas by Steve Bledsoe

Steve Bledsoe Replicas are not traditional taxidermy skin mounts where the skin and other parts of an animal are used to create the finished product. Each replica is individually cast in urethane resin from reusable molds which are made from actual deceased specimens. Specimens used in the mold-making process are acquired from museums, zoos, private collections and an occasional unfortunate road kill. Once a mold is made it can be used for years to produce multiple copies.

Gila monster replica - raw casting
Gila monster replica raw casting
Gila Monster replica raw casting

When the resin is cured, the casting is removed from the mold and prepped for painting. Each piece is hand painted using a combination of conventional brushes, paint pens and air brushes to accomplish the desired pattern and color of the finished piece. No body parts from the original specimen are used in the making of the replica.

Gila Monster Replica - Bledsoe Reptile Replicas
Gila Monster replica - Bledsoe Reptile Replicas
Gila Monster Replica - Bledsoe Reptile Replicas

The advantages of handmade resin replicas over conventional taxidermy skin mounts are numerous, including insurance against against decay, deterioration and damaging attacks by insects. In addition, a resin replica is usually easier and less costly to repair in the event it is broken or damaged in some way. 

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